Map and Pictures

The Map shows the location of various interest places on the farm-the bottom homestead where the accommodation buildings are located for backpackers, Airbnb guests, WWOOFers and HelpX people. This area also has a classroom space for educational workshops that are organised over the summer period; there is the river area with the ying yang and mandala gardens; the back paddock; the garden of colour; mana garden; garden of five continents; Celines scented garden; the top house; Big Eric Bus and the Whangateau community earth ovens.

The property is approximately 20 acres when the slopes of the small hill on the property are included in the overall area.

Kanuka and Totara bush joins the various garden spaces with tracks weaving their way through the native forest.

a22 Main Path Fork d23 Mana Garden view 2 Driveway 6 Firewood Place 1 Front Gate a31 Yin Yang Garden 2 shed a34 Outdoor Classroom Totara Tree

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