Monday, 24 August 2015

Caretaker Farm NZ

Caretaker Farm was named by Dorothy and Audrey Sharp in 1990. The name was chosen because we both believe that we are just caretaking the land while we are here and as caretakers we have responsibility to look after the land well.
I was surprised to find that the same name is used in the USA for a farm property doing similar things as us so to stop any confusion we need to refer to this farm as Caretaker Farm NZ.
When I entered into a contract to buy the farm in December 1988 I was given 12 months to get the money together-I worked 6 jobs and by the end of the year had enough money by the end of 1989 to own the farm out-right. Dorothy moved on in September 1990 and contributed money to build her house on the property.

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